Why They Love Us

The BACHHER REALTY executives are very good in their job. They met us twice within a week and helped us in finalizing the deal of sale of our flat in Kalyan (East). They are quite knowledgeable & efficient. The process was quite fast. We are very happy in liaising with them & we appreciate their work.

Ganesh Nalvade, Kalyan, Mumbai

I am thankful to BACHHER REALTY for their support and expertise in finding me an apartment in THANE. For a first time buyer, they not only helped find a right house, they also assisted me with all legal and commercial concerns.

Pankaj Singh, Thane, Mumbai

I thank BACHHER REALTY for the services rendered to me during my property purchase. You have been very informative, gave a good listening ear to all my queries and most of all cleared all my fears and doubts on purchasing this property. I truly appreciate your efforts to help me to acquire this property. I hope you continue to give such an excellent service to all your clients. Keep it up.

Monika V, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

BACHHER REALTY helped me in shortlisting properties as per my location, size and budget requirements. Their representative was in constant touch with me, gave correct facts and figures, arranged prompt site visits for me and my family which helped me to ultimately finalize and select the best property from the available options. Thanks a lot BACHHER REALTY

Ninad Deshmukh, Colaba, Mumbai

Buying a flat is a difficult thing in Mumbai. BACHHER REALTY made it very easy for us to select and buy a flat as per our requirements. They assisted us very well, provided several options and allowed us to choose as per our need and time. We truly appreciate their effort in helping us throughout the process. Thank you BACHHER REALTY for the assistance you gave us in purchasing our dream home.

Rohit Gupta, Mulund Mumbai

BACHHER REALTY has been terrific in serving us. (They) "never say no" attitude of the organisation got us the dream home. Best wishes to BACHHER REALTY for future endeavours."

Ashish sachdev , Thane Mumbai

We are really glad to be in contact with BACHHER REALTY . They played a major role in our mission of hunting our dream house. Because of them, we were able to explore all possible options suiting our requirements, which helped us narrow down to the right property. We really appreciate their support & dedication. Thank you, BACHHER REALTY."

Priya Desai , Thane Mumbai

The service provided by BACHHER REALTY was amazing. BACHHER REALTY was accurate in providing information. which was responsive to all types of queries and adequately explained all the service policies. I think this was one of my best experiences and it was all because of BACHHER REALTY. Thank you BACHHER REALTY

Mrs Fernandes & Family , Parel Mumbai